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We empower you to learn about lymphoedema.   
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What is lymphoedema? 
Lymphoedema (also spelled as lymphedema) is a condition involving long term swelling and tissue inflammation. Swelling can occur in any body part where the lymphatic system is not working properly. Lymphoedema can have a significant impact on self-esteem and quality of life.  

What does health education on lymphoedema (HELP) do?
We provide entertaining, affordable and professional online courses to serve those living with lymphoedema and those at risk of developing lymphoedema.  We have created one trustworthy place for information on what lymphoedema is, what causes it, how it is detected and treated so you can gain a sense of control and eliminate the stress, time and expense of searching for information.

We also empower clinicians by providing evidence-based online courses, filled with easy to understand videos on how to teach your clients about lymphoedema, so you feel confident that you are giving your clients the best possible care.

Our online courses allow you to immediately learn from lymphoedema expert Professor Neil Piller [Flinders University Australia] and physiotherapist Andrea Mangion [Lymphoedema Trainer and Honorary Lecturer Macquarie University Australia] in the comfort and safety of your own home.
Why do we need online information on lymphoedema?
Lack of understanding of lymphoedema can lead to late diagnosis which can result in lifelong swelling. There are also many people with lymphoedema who struggle to find the support they need (1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7). 

HELP Online was created because we saw the need for affordable, current, comprehensive and high-quality online education on lymphoedema. Our courses explain what lymphoedema is as well as prevention, treatment and management options. 

learn in comfort
We allow you to learn at your own pace in the comfort and safety of your own home.  
trusted educators 
Professor Piller (Academic) and Andrea Mangion (Physiotherapist). 
We let you know evidence-based information so you can distinguish fact from fiction.
online programs
#1 lymphoedema prevention
Breast cancer and lymphoedema
understanding the risk of breast cancer related lymphoedema
Breast cancer related lymphoedema occurs in approximately 20% of all persons impacted by breast cancer. “Survivors of breast cancer suffer from a perpetual risk of breast cancer related lymphoedema occurrence..." (8) This is why leading lymphoedema advocacy organisations recommend that all persons with breast cancer be provided with an educational program informing them about lymphoedema.(9, 10) 
Our online course is designed for carers, persons with breast cancer and clinicians working in the care of breast cancer patients. We designed this course so that patients could access information before signs of swelling appear, in line with recommendations from leading organisations. (9, 10) 
online programs
#2 lymphoedema management
Lymphoedema and help online
understanding the assessment and management of
Millions of people worldwide are impacted by lymphoedema. There have been significant advances in our recent understanding of the lymphatics due to the advent of a green dye that makes the lymphatics glow in the dark! 
Our online course is designed for anyone that is new to lymphoedema or would benefit from a refresher course on the assessment and management of primary and secondary lymphoedema.  
Curious and would like to get to know us?
Attend an interview with Professor Neil Piller and Andrea Mangion 
Get to know us and hear why Professor Piller is so passionate about educating others about the lymphatic system.  
Andrea Mangion
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