We empower you to learn about lymphoedema 
We teach you how the lymphatic system works, what lymphoedema is & how to manage it. We bring you online courses featuring Professor Piller (Lymphologist from Flinders University) & Andrea Mangion (Titled Cancer & Lymphoedema Physiotherapist, APA) so you can learn from leaders in this field in the comfort of your own home.
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What is lymphoedema? 
Lymphoedema (also spelled as lymphedema) impacts millions worldwide. It is a condition involving long-term tissue swelling occurring when the lymphatic system fails to work properly.[1] 

In the video, Professor Piller & Monique (living with lymphoedema) teach you what lymphoedema is. 
Our why 
Imagine how confident you would feel after getting the opportunity to learn directly from leaders in this field? We captured the essence of this. We designed comprehensive, current, affordable & evidence-based online courses that can empower patients and practitioners alike to care for lymphoedema.  
Andrea mangion, Professor Piller, Monique Bareham
We have a course for you 
I have breast cancer
To prepare anyone with breast cancer for reducing the risk of lymphoedema. 
I have lymphoedema
To prepare anyone living with lymphoedema for control of their treatment. 
I am a practitioner
Designed for health professionals who wish to care for patients with lymphoedema. 
lymphedema exercise
learn in comfort
Relax at home & start learning at your own pace with the ease of self-directed online learning.
breast cancer drain
trusted educators 
Professor Piller, Andrea Mangion & patients living with lymphoedema.
lymphoedema bandaging
We provide current, easy to understand, information in entertaining online courses.
Your helping us help others
A small donation from every course goes towards the Flinders Foundation to further their wonderful work. 
Flinders Foundation
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